About Us

Idris Hospital, managed by SC HYGEIA CLINIC SRL, addresses patients facing a long-term mental disorder through a multilateral and multidisciplinary approach.


Idris Hospital aims to provide medical services at the highest standards, comparable to those of the most modern psychiatric clinics in the world.

Dr. Dragoș-Lucian Lucinschi
Dr. Dragoș-Lucian Lucinschiprimary psychiatrist, specialized in integrative psychotherapy
„My studies and my entire career have strengthened my conviction that psychotherapy must be approached with the view that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts and that the conditions of the patients I care for in the Idris Hospital must be seen from an integrative perspective: psychological, cognitive, emotional and spiritual.”
Dr. Chirilă Bogdan-Daniel
Dr. Chirilă Bogdan-Danielspecialist psychiatrist, specialized in integrative psychotherapy
„The therapy of chronic psychiatric disorders is a complex, multidimensional one, targeting a wide range of pathologies (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, dementia, etc.), which affect people of all ages and have a real biological, psychological and social impact. I propose a holistic, personalized approach to each individual case, by increasing the quality of life of the beneficiaries, psycho-pharmacological therapeutic stabilization and ensuring the conditions for evaluation and treatment of other general associated medical conditions.”
Dr. Cătălina Drâmbă
Dr. Cătălina Drâmbăgeriatric primary care physician, certified in palliative care
„The medical profession is a vocation, but in the case of patients in the psychiatric wards the emphasis falls on empathy, patience, the ability to understand and get to know the human mind, with all its peculiarities and dominants. I think that is precisely what we offer at Idris Hospital and that is why we are special.”
Dr. Fochi Mihaela
Dr. Fochi Mihaelaprimary care physician in epidemiology
„Many people smile when I tell them that old age can be the most beautiful human age, one of serenity, of peaceful wisdom. The truth is that medicine has made huge strides in this direction, and old age is no longer one of suffering and decay. That’s what we believe at Idris Hospital.”
Dr. Chirilă Carmina-Smărăndița
Dr. Chirilă Carmina-Smărăndițaprimary rheumatology doctor, physical medicine and recovery specialist, competence in ultrasound of the locomotor system
„An old age comes with many health issues associated with it. Sometimes, that’s what happens and it is our ability, as medics, to succeed in completing this journey as pleasant and as painless as possible. I wish to aid our patients when they need it, through a personalized treatment, but also with the help of nice words and a smile.”