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Idris Hospital, managed by SC HYGEIA CLINIC SRL, addresses patients facing a long-term mental disorder through a multilateral and multidisciplinary approach. Our aim is to offer professional, modern and long-term solutions that are appropriate to the specific needs of patients with psychiatric pathology, but also to the requirements of their relatives and families.

The principles underlying our work are:
• primary care for the patient, who is always at the center of our concerns;
• the full legality of our activity, with all the consequences that this entails in administrative, medical and safety terms;
• the continuous effort to keep abreast of the latest approaches in the field so that our patients enjoy world-class conditions.


Mission and vision

As a long-standing healthcare provider in the field of psychiatry, we consider it our mission to assume the integrated care of the patients referred to us, through effective interventions and specialized treatments that ensure the well-being of both the patients and their caregivers.
Our vision is to professionally create the conditions to maximise the quality of life of patients with long-term mental disorders through assessment, specific treatments and psycho-emotional and spiritual support in a safe and comfortable environment.


Idris Hospital is located in the village of Șorogari, in the commune of Aroneanu, just 6 kilometres from the centre of Iasi and 4.7 kilometres from Iasi International Airport. Extremely accessible, our location combines the advantages of proximity to the city with a quiet natural setting, conducive to a positive clinical development.

The Idris Hospital building is new, as its construction started in 2015. It consists of a ground floor and a first floor and has two and three-bed wards. In total, our facility can accommodate 19 patients. The wards are equipped with their own bathroom with a shower, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, bedside tables and other necessary furniture.

The rooms are designed so that the health and safety of the patients is always at the highest level: the mattresses of the beds are anti-bedsore, there is a panic button and Internet connection. All the equipment also complies with the legal rules in force and is safety-oriented (banisters, smoke sensor and alarm, controlled access).

One of our permanent concerns is cleanliness and epidemiological safety. To this end, we have perfected extremely strict cleaning procedures, which provide for the exclusive use of the most effective products approved by the Ministry of Health. The visiting conditions also take into account the new reality that has set in with the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and aim to eliminate any possibility of viral infection of our patients.

When the weather is favorable, patients can spend a few hours in our grassy courtyard or simply resting in our rustic gazebo. Ornamental plants and other landscaping elements fill a small, friendly and inviting green oasis.


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