Idris Hospital aims to provide medical services at the highest standards, comparable to those of the most modern psychiatric clinics in the world. This statement is based on the quality of our specialists and facilities, which is only possible in private practice, and on the appreciation we receive from patients and their relatives.

To whom do we address our services?

Our services are in the specialty of psychiatry only and are aimed at patients with chronic conditions with varying degrees of disability, who need on-call care, supervision and treatment.
Of the 19 beds, 4 are under contract with CAS Iasi (3842/01.08.2021), and the rest are private.

General conditions for accommodation, treatment, meals and medication

Accommodation is in two- and three-bed wards, with appropriate equipment for psychiatric pathologies. The rooms have their own bathroom with shower, air conditioning, TV, DVD, Internet connection and refrigerator. They are designed and equipped to protect the integrity and health of patients: anti-scar mattresses, panic button, hand-operated, smoke sensor and alarm, controlled access.

Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment

Established and monitored by the doctor. Medication is provided by the hospital for psychiatric pathology.

Depending on the needs of the patients, they may benefit, under the strict observation of the attending physician, from services of:

Physiotherapy – movement therapy

Melotherapy – sound and music therapy

Ergotherapy – activity therapy

We offer three meals a day and a snack

Please note that the nutritional aspects are suitable for all pathologies, so the menus can be salt-free, for people suffering from diabetes or pastelike. The calorie content of the meals is also adapted to the specific needs of each patient.